About me

peter dawsonI am an engineer. My dad is an engineer.  My grandfather was an engineer and my grandmother thought like an engineer.  As a little boy my favourite toy was a hammer (which I am told I used far too enthusiastically on some occasions, including on my brother).  I guess what I am trying to say, is that I am a bit of a techno geek.  Did I just say that?!?

Growing up, my mother was the photographer in the family.  She loves the photos and doesn’t really care much about the camera, other than expecting it to produce nothing other than exactly what her eye sees.  When her first digital camera didn’t do this, she decided to upgrade to an DSLR, the Canon 400D.  Turns out the DSLR was just a bit too new age, so she passed it down to me, and that’s where it all began.  I was intrigued by what the camera could do.  And the more intrigued I was by the mechanics and capabilities of modern DSLR’s the more this interest started to merge with another of my big loves.

Birds and wildlife.

We grew up going on family holidays to the game reserve. We watched birds and animals, but taking photos of them wasn’t really what we did.  We just enjoyed them.  And I loved them.  In fact, one day, when I’m big, I’ll be a game ranger ;)

So I guess my photography interest is two fold, part for the cameras and their amazing abilities, and part for my love of nature and wildlife.