August 2012


mascovy duckling head shot

As promised, here are the photos of the KGE ducklings just after they hatched.  As I said, their parents were one of the resident’s pets, so they are very tame, as are the ducklings.  Great for getting closeups.

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Zebie, the latest member of the KGE wildlife clan

baby zebra calf yawning

Introducing Zebie.  On the golf course we have impala, sable, oribi, puku and of course zebra.  The zebras are by far the most tame, and even though Zebie was only a few days old when I took these photos, his mother allowed me to get so close that I was starting to feel uneasy.  If you’ve seen the NatGeo Wild ad where the one zebra kicks the other in the teeth, well then you’ve got an idea of the pictures going through my mind during many of these shots.

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Golf course ducks

duck duckling swimming in soft light

So living on a mine golf course in the North West of Zambia, and mostly working during the daylight hours, somewhat limits my photo opportunities.  But once in a while, on an off Sunday, you can find one of the resident’s pets, or in this case pets’ ducklings, swimming on one of the courses’ water hazards during the golden hour. 

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