Golf course ducks

duck duckling swimming in soft light

So living on a mine golf course in the North West of Zambia, and mostly working during the daylight hours, somewhat limits my photo opportunities.  But once in a while, on an off Sunday, you can find one of the resident’s pets, or in this case pets’ ducklings, swimming on one of the courses’ water hazards during the golden hour.  Three mascovy ducks, two girls and a boy, sprung their owners yard -Chicken Run style- and found one of the dams and kind of never left.  Now lets face it, mascovy ducks are not the prettiest of subjects, nor the smartest actually, but when you are desperate to try out your new camera, I think you will all agree that anything that moves is fair game.  One of the girl ducks went missing for a while, and on her return, she came bearing new, and rather more cute subjects for us to train our lenses on.  I got a few shots of the very little ducklings right after mom felt comfortable enough to bring them within lens reach, and I will share these in a coming post, but for now I want to share the slightly more grown up ducklings.  They are fearless, and get so close to me, hoping for a tasty treat I imagine, that I am continually backing off to keep them out of the minimum focus distance.  Enjoy. . .


Duck in water


Duck in waddling water


Duck waddling in water


Duck playing in water


Duck eating algae


backlit duck in grass


duck swimming in soft light


duck sitting in grass



Ducks in Grass