The Chobe River: What an incredible place!

pied kingfisher sitting on elephant dropping chobe river

I’ve spent many hours camped out on the side of rivers and dams taking photos of the birds and animals that frequent the water.  I have often wondered whether I could not get better photos if I was in the water looking back toward the land.  Now I can categorically say that you can!  

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Kgalagadi part 3: Kalahari birdlife

Pale chanting goshawk coming to land flying

The birdlife in KTP is truly awesome.  Zephne (Tam’s mom) and I would go out each morning and could happily pass three or four hours without getting bored. 

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Kgalagadi part 2: Kalahari wildlife

gemsbok in kgalagadi

The animals of the Kalahari truly are amazing.  There is very little water and what water there is, is saltier than sea water.  All along the dry river beds of the Nossob and Auob rivers there are boreholes which fill drinking troughs for the animals.  Tam’s mom says that most of the Kalahari animals don’t actually need the borehole water to survive, as their metabolic systems produce water during the digestion of food.  That said, we still saw most of the game in the river bed near to the waterholes. 

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